Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Some smaller components needed attention, in this case the hand brake drum, flexible fabric coupling as well as some other bits and pieces. 
Some more hand brake components. The two curved items are the callipers that apply pressure to the drum. 
Close ups of the flexible coupling and brake drum. 
After the primer the grey colour was painted on. 
The brake drum. 
And here are the two components ready for installation. 
The centrally mounted transfer box, you will notice that it is a different shade of grey, this is because all the automotive components came from a different manufacturer who painted these items in their own shade of paint. 
The brake drum and callipers get attached to this end. 
And here it is all attached, you can see the cam type of mechanism that activates the braking force. 
Every component has two linkages and operating systems to allow for full control by both drivers.
The gearbox will eventually be bolted to this flange.

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