Thursday, 16 August 2012

Time to remove the centrally mounted transfer box. To prevent dust and rubbish from entering the hull each universal joint is covered by a leather bellow. 
This is a more overall pic of the leather bellows. 
Once removed the universal joint becomes apparent. You can see traces of the original colours coming through.
All four bellows have been removed. 
The flexible coupling and attachment point between the gearbox and transfer box. 
A nice view from left to right of the hand brake system, flexible fabric coupling and the attatchment to the gearbox. 
After the removal of the side retention bolts and the universal joints the transfer box can now be removed. Note the desert sand still attached to the sides. 
The box slowly coming out. I didn't have to removed the near side universals. 
Finally free after 60+ years. 
A nice view of the large flexible ring dampner.

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