Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Although out of sequence here is the main pedal cluster sandblasted. 
From this angle you can see the frayed cable that links the brake control to the second drivers foot pedal. 
This end of this linkcage (upper left hand corner,) leads to the clutch lever on the gearbox. 
I bought a new camera that can take better panoramic pictures and allow us to see the full layout more fully. 
The hand control levers have been installed, these control the choke and accelerator pedal, a primitive form of cruise control if you will. 
The gearbox was cleaned, primed and painted in the automotive shade of grey, this is not the same colour as the chassis as these components came from a different factory. I must stress yet again that the colours are not a thumb suck, we track down the last layer of paint before reaching bare metal to determine the correct colour for everything. 
Here is an overall view of the work area, in the top of the picture you can see the various large components stacked for re-assembly. The hull has been covered because of the highveld dust that settles on everything. 

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