Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The turret being assembled, most of the armoured panels are held in place with one or two bolts at this stage because I have to still sand blast and treat the rest. 
The turret hatch, although not readily evident is the repair work I had to carry out all around the lip of the hatch because in the past every vehicle was welded shut and the welding burned through the thin metal leaving gouges that had to firstly be built up with welding and then ground down to the correct profile. Once all that was done the repaired area had to be gas welded to blend it in properly to the surrounding metal. 
Looking at the lid, the locking handles still have to be made. 
This side view shows nicely the repair work that cannot be seen, if you can spot any repair work then I didn't do a very good job. 
The inside of the turret, the various attachment holes can be seen. 
Here is the hull interior so far, I did not dare remove the cables you see hanging all over as these are the hitching point for raising the hull back onto the chassis. It took me ages to find the correct centre of gravity and I didn't want to go through that again. On the far end is the yet unpainted inner surfaces of the two glacis panels as well as the various openings in the armour plate for the headlights and visor. 
A side view into the hull, the slot you see in the wheel well is an air vent to the central transfer box, there is a duct that guides the air to the component which will be seen later. 
A large mecano kit, the mud guards, wheel hubs, various armoured components and the engine deck can be seen.

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