Friday, 12 October 2012

The armoured bulge to accommodate the mg magazine has been removed. 
The radiator before stripping it down into its various components. 
The radiator is quite unique in that each core can be removed and replaced  sepatately thereby cutting down on replacement time. 
The attachment bolts were stubborn and had to be heated and lubricated before they would budge. 
Here one of the side mounting bolts is seen. 
Two more found on the inner frame. 
Finally one of the radiators with header and lower tanks has been removed, these will be reconditioned later on. 
The open mounting plate with one radiator removed, note the accumulation of dirt. 
Another view of the mounting plate. 
A detailed view showing the method of mounting the separate core segments, I had to make a special spanner to remove the circular nuts. 

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