Thursday, 18 October 2012

The drivers periscope holder for want of a better word was stripped down and here you can see the inner rotatable portion being removed. This proved to be an exhausting exercise because it had pretty much seized solid in its housing. The 10mm you see here protruding from the housing took the better part of half an hour to achieve and that was after the whole assembly was heated up with an acetylene torch and doused with liberal amounts of oil. 
From the other side you can see how it has moved slightly. 
Once it had reached this stage I was quite relieved to see that the end is near. 
In this view you can see some evidence of the bluing that remains on the unrusted portion. 
Finally after many an hour of pounding the inner cylinder is free.  
Here the pitted rust is clearly visible. 
Some light sandblasting has revealed some of the layers of colour. 
A side view of the mounting. 
After sandblasting the various components look nice and fresh, ready for undercoating.


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