Friday, 12 October 2012

With the chassis stripped down attention was turned to dismantling the hull. Over the years various erroneous items were welded to the hull sides, these should not be there and had to be removed in this case it was an aerial mounting bracket that was not standard. In addition to this the welding beads that held the hatches closed had to be ground flat. 
The rusted turret race is seen here, it took quite some effort to remove. 
Two of the door hinges, the rust is evident here on the contact surfaces which is a major part that needs to be rust proofed for long term preservation. 
This picture is for my reference of what fits where, you can see the path of the electrical conduit. To the right is the latch knob for retaining the foul weather window. 
This label was found on the turret race. 
Following again the path of the electrical conduit. 
The original interior white colour can be seen. 
This pipe is the fuel tank breather tube. It exits in the roof.

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