Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Attention was now turned to the periscope mounting bracket that is located inside the turret roof. Here you can see the item already sandblasted.  
A detailed view. 
From another angle. The centre piece slides between the outer rails in a gentle arc, this allows the head of the periscope to be tilted and view various angles. The knurled locking nut can be seen protruding downwards.
Another bit added. 
This is the rough orientation of how it sits inside the exterior bulbous armoured shield. 
I temporarily bolted it to the upturned turret roof to show how it is mounted. 
From this side one can see the swivelling locking nut, you can also see the path of the curved arc. 
The two above photos shows the full swing of the mounting. 
In this closeup the curved groove is clearly seen.
Another view of it mounted inside the turret.

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