Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The gimbal mounting ring has been sandblasted. 
This view shows the hard wearing layer of baked on black enamel, even sandblasting hasn't been able to remove the coating. 
All the mg components after sandblasting. 
A close up view of some of the parts, the two discs in the middle are the elevation/depression bearings. 
The armoured shield. 
Looking into the housing after some sandblasting has taken place.
Once again everything was re assembled to have a look how it all fits together and make sure some smaller items haven't slipped through the sandblasting grid. 
Looking into the housing once again. Note that the upper and lower rotation bearings are externally mounted and that the elevation/depression bearings are located on the inner surface. 
A side view. 
The top view, the upper and lower bearings attach the mounting to the armoured car. 
Right hand side view.

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