Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Finally the day has arrived to transport the hull and chassis to the sandblasting plant. 
The hull is being winched little by little off the ground. The man to the left is Richard Henry the armour curator.
And here she is a little higher off the ground. Our overhead gantry can only handle kg5000 or 5 tons so care has to be taken not to overload it. 
The truck has pulled in and the hull is being lowered onto the truck. 
A view from further back. 
Next it was time for the chassis to be loaded, these two components were the only ones the museum wasn't able to transport for sandblasting on our own. The other components were broken down and moved bit by bit.
Lashing the hull and chassis to the lorry. 
Pulling out of the gate on the way to the sandblasting contractor. 
There she dissapears down the road.

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