Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The wheel hubs mounted on poles ready for undercoating. 
A nice detailed view of the hub interior. 
Two of the suspension units are seen hanging here.
A close up view showing the rough cast texture. 
A sand blasted suspension bracket. 
One of the wheel hub assemblies is seen here, quite a fancy bit of engineering this. 
These are the four drive shafts, they are solidly machined items. 
The age of the vehicle has made certain alloy components brittle such as this access cap. 
A detailed view of the inner workings of the hub, the universal joint is centralised with the steering pivot points. The stub slots into the drive shaft and retained with two nuts and bolts.
And another view, the bronze bushed end locates with one of the spring units. 
Undercoated wheel hubs, undercoating has to take place very soon after sandblasting before surface rust can set in although thanks to the dry heat where the museum is located this is not too critical. 
Undercoated suspension bracket. 
These four cowlings are part of the wheel arches, that brittle cap you saw earlier can be seen on these.  

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