Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Time to remove the wheel cowling. Take not yet again of the original green colour to the right of the pic. 
With the cowling unbolted some more of the green colour is visible as well as the red oxide. 
Now you can see the accumulated debris mixed in with old grease on one of the suspension brackets. 
An overall pic showing the chassis beginning to become more bare. 
Some more overall pics showing the green colour. 
A close up view. 
Once the bolts are removed the suspension mounting plate is lowered free from the chassis. 
The side view as the suspension bracket is lowered, revealing the red oxide primer. 
The bracket is mostly free, a lot of accumulated sand clumps found their way behind the plates. 
Overhead one gets a better view of the old desert sand, this gets collected as well for posterity.

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