Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The suspension bracket being stripped, in the foreground is the steering box and to the left is the steering linkage. 
A detailed shot, the colour appears black. 
The lower wishbones can be seen here, the wishbone on the left had seized and the pin had to be knocked out with a great deal of effort to free it up. 
Another detailed view of the steering control box. 
The rust underneath the steering box. 
The following images are for my reference as to where everything goes for re-assembly. The flexible metal conduit is really something, finding replacement conduit of this type for the damaged portions is going to be a challenge. 
More reference shots, all this has to be removed before the tubular cross member can be removed. 
The four retaining bolts that anchor the cross member to the suspension units. 
All the wiring has been removed and it's ready to come off. 
Evidence, once again, of the grey/green found all over the chassis. On our left is the hand controls for regulating the speed and probably choke as well. 

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