Wednesday, 19 September 2012

To the left of the driver side the two pipes seen are for the brake fluid reservoir and the other two you see in the cluster are the hydraulic lines to that sides wheels. 
Reference shots showing the location of the pipes as well as their retention straps. 
A spider has made this secluded spot its home for a nest. I hate to disturb this but what can you do. 
The wheel cowling removed, the bracket on the right is one of the mounting points for a fuel tank. 
The other side cowling yet to be removed, you can see two grease nipples which are the lubrication points for the steering box as well as the pedal cluster. 
Now this was an exciting find, one of the original manufacturers stickers found inside a suspension bracket. 
An overall picture showing the whole component. 
And a close up of the wording, I wonder if that Tel. No. is still in operation? 
The first couple of suspension units I stripped down this time I simply removed the whole assembly. It will be stripped down for sandblasting later. 
Here you can see many of the components are already removed, not long now and it'll be ready for sandblasting. 

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