Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Stripping of the chassis continues, on our left is the direction control lever, when the main driver wants to relinquish driving controls he pulls this lever which changes the gearing in the gearbox allowing the rear facing driver to assume control without much effort. One the right is the hand brake lever. 
An overall view showing the direction change and brake lever. 
This pile of spaghetti is the wiring harness, another big challenge to be overcome. 
With the muck and grime cleaned up a bit the pedal cluster becomes visible. The whole unit is completely rusted solid, this will require the judicious application of acetylene heat to loosen up. 
Looking directly down into the front of the chassis one can see the two master brake cylinders. 
The alloy used in the manufacture of these electric fuel pumps has become brittle over time resulting in the cracking off of parts you see here, I don't hold much hope for re-conditioning of these components because of this reason. 
Another example of cracking found on the fuel filter. 
The gear shift bracket has also been broken over time, this will require specialised welding to fix. 
Another view of the wiring harness. 
This pedal with a roller on it is the accelerator.

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