Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The complete lower turret assembly, previously I said that this item was cast but upon closer inspection it is built up and welded together, the turret race itself is machined from the solid lower plate. 
One of the suspension protection plates removed. 
Another one I had overlooked. 
Here you can see the rear grill work being removed, our vehicle is unfortunately missing the whole rear lower portion of armoured plates. These will be manufactured once the vehicle is re assembled. 
Another view of the vent grill. 
The radiators exposed, note how each radiator is built up out of segments which can be individually removed and is quite clever if one needed to replace a damaged section and not remove the whole radiator.  
Although not shown this is the final stages of separating the hull from the chassis. 
From the inside one can see the gap between the hull and chassis. Many of the girders you see were welded on once the body and chassis were mated which made removal of some bolts difficult.  
Here again the gap is quite evident. It must be mentioned that this process was carried out with extreme care as more often than not a forgotten bracket or bolt might catch and break off. 
Another interior view showing some of the bolts that could not be removed.

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