Thursday, 14 June 2012

With the engine deck out of the way we can get down to studying the engine components in more detail. 
The fan drive, it is impossible to change the fan belt without having to first remove the radiator and fans. 
On the left is the radiator header tank, I think the one on the right is an auxilliary fuel tank. 
Another view of the fan setup. 
The radiator is becoming visible, usually in a restoration the cost of  re-corring the radiators is the single most expensive part of the whole project. 
Looking forward you can see to the front the oil tank and the tubular cross member. 
The AB40 has duel controls, this is the other pedal cluster set for the rearward facing driver. 
Standing on the turret gives this nice panoramic view of the whole engine. 
Another detailed shot, the outlet to our right is where the air filter should be. 
Looking down into the depths, the magneto is visible here, the electrics are always a challenge to repair.

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