Thursday, 7 June 2012

Here one of the driving positions is seen, the actual seat is missing and will have to be fabricated. 
The mounting for the main armament is missing and will be fabricated if information comes to light as to how it should look. 
Another view of the drivers area. 
The exposed gear and forward/reverse boxes, some floor plates are missing. 
The drivers instrument panel is in a sorry state with none of the dials having survived. 
A view looking through the turret overhead hatch, the exposed traverse gearing which is not a good idea. 
The transfer box is seen here, the two ductings seen at the top of the picture are for cooling. 
Original Magnetti Marelli batteries can still be found in their mounting box. 
With the fuel cap removed the rusted neck can be seen. 
This was the first panel I removed, you can see the rusted angle iron as well as one of the fuel tanks. 
A close up view of the right hand side wheel arch showing the various lubrication points and the gearshift lever. 

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