Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The next step was to remove the turret rear. 
The turret hatch and associated surround. 
At this point I took pictures of the interior fittings as a reference to re-assembly. 
A lot of wood was used in the various racks. 
Here one of the turret retention clamps is seen, this prevents the turret from jumping off the ball race. 
This retention clamp has an integral locking system built into it, this is to clamp tight the turret for maybe heavy going over rough terrain. 
Another travel lock. 
Looking from below at the rack mounted over the traverse mechanism. These pictures will help a great deal when putting everything back together again. 
The mounting point of one of the clamps. The whole lower turret is formed from a casting. 
A pile of turret clamps, you can see the travel locking one on the lower right. 
The traverse gear removed. 
The traverse gear once again, I wonder how many sleeves got caught in the gearing?  

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