Thursday, 14 June 2012

When it was time to remove the hub wheel nut we realised that no spanner of this size was available so I came up with the idea of making one out of angle iron, here you can see the process in manufacturing a large spanner.
And the result of all this effort with one of the nuts it removed. 
At this point the mudguards were removed as can be seen a lot more of the suspension becomes visible. 
Detailed front view showing much of what was previously hidden. 
A left hand side view. 
The mudguards are in a good condition with no major rusting through of the material. 
Here you can see the packing material which appears to be plywood, it has expanded over the years from water absorption. 
This portion shows the packing material quite rotten, historically speaking this should be put back but at this point of deterioration this cannot be undertaken. 
A nice view showing the final drive housing and universal joint, the oval plate is an inspection hatch.
With the mudguards removed a more complete picture from another angle  presents itself. 
After the removal of the suspension armour plate the chassis becomes visible as well as the two rotary shock absorbers. 

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