Monday, 25 June 2012

Time to catch up with some new images, most of these are just detailed views for reference purposes.
Various clamps and conduits. To the top left can be seen the steering column mounting bracket. 
Some more detailed views, an engine sling loop attached to the clutch housing can be seen. 
These pipes lead to and from the radiator and coolant header tank.
A breather outlet in this view. 
With the radiators removed we get a nice view of the two fans, you see what I mean about the inaccessability of the fanbelts.  
The radiators and framing being removed. 
Ok. Now the fans have been removed and access to the fanbelts is only now possible. The tube cross member strengthener has to come out before the engine can be removed. 
A view from slightly further back. The wiring on our left is for the rear lights. 
Looking towards the rear from inside the fighting compartment, the two water pipes can be seen. 

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