Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The wheel hubcap has been removed revealing the large wheel retention nut as well as a screw on cap that protects the bearing. 
Removing the bearing cap shows the locking nut and bearing. The locking nut you see inside holds the final drive gearing in place, not the actual hub.  
The embossed hubcap as seen from the inside, this serves as a locking device for the large hub retention nut. 
An overall detailed view of the hub assembly. 
Overall view with the tyre removed. 
Another view of the final drive. Note how the suspension springs are protected by a 5mm armoured sheet. 
Here you can see the cut out to allow for the deflection of the drive shaft. 
A close up view of the universal joint and associated items. 
A photo taken directly from beneath. You can see one of the belly plates which although not evident from this angle has been put on backwards.  

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