Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The first phase in removing the turret, after all the decades of exposure the turret had seized to the turret race and needed a strenuous effort to pry it free. 
Here you can see the turret from the rear coming slowly off. 
The turret has finally broken free and is being lifted off. 
A close up view of the turret race. 
With the turret raised a view of the underside becomes visible. 
With the turret well clear of the hull a more complete view of the underside presents itself. 
Another view, it would seem that no red primer was applied to this area. 
The turret race showing the gearing and retention bolts. 
This close up view shows just how badly corroded the turret race is, the ball bearings have rusted solid into the ring carrier. 
The turret is safely out of the way mounted on a turret stand. 
In this overhead view many components have already been removed. 
The actual turret race bearing had to be pryed off of the race to which it had also securely rusted.

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