Tuesday, 12 June 2012

So, this is one of the headlight housings with its original factory applied paint found behind the headlight.  
Another rarity I think, the original Fiat/philips globe, you don't see that every day. 
Another photo just to make sure. 
This is the original lens amazingly unbroken after all these years. 
One of the visors, you can see the light sand blasting to try and ascertain the most underlying colour which is an ivory white. 
The same process applied to the armoured bulge to accommodate the mg magazine, here the colour looks a lot like desert sand but the actual olive green is found beneath this. 
A side shot of the drivers periscope mounting. The lever on the side is to elevate or depress the periscope head. 
This is the bottom of the housing into which the periscope is inserted, you can see the circular portion that allows some movement of the periscope. 
One of the headlights armoured covers removed, this explains how the lens was protected after all these years. 
A few more smaller components have been removed at this point like the drivers visor, periscope housing and as mentioned the headlight cover, this is a good indication of why everything has to be stripped off to sand blast as this underlying rust will lead to major deterioration of the exhibit in the coming decades.

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