Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The front fuel tank has been removed revealing some more interior. Note how the steering wheel is at an angle. 
Of note here is the original red primer found where the fuel tanks side locates. The pipe coming down from the roof is the fuel tank breather pipe. 
Looking downwards on the right is a section of flooring, notice the various pipes, the group on the right hand side are the brake fluid lines. 
These grease nipples lead to the pedal cluster as well as the lubrication point for the steering box. 
The lubrication nipples from another angle also evident is the flexible wire harness and the hand control linkages. 
The hand control cluster, this would appear to include the accelerator hand control lever and maybe the choke, not sure what the third one is for at this stage. On the right of the picture can be seen the gear shift lever which has jumped out of the ball joint. 
Looking downwards again, you can see the brake lines snaking towards the master brake cylinders. The rod coming out of the steering box runs to the rear steering box and synchronises the movment of both mechanisms. 
The top mounting attachment for the steering wheel. 
In this view most of the debris has been removed revealing more of control linkages. 
Another view with all the rubbish removed and a nice view of the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals.

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