Monday, 11 June 2012

This photo shows the hull mg with the splash shield removed. 
The opening in the roof is to accommodate the machine
 guns  magazine  when the weapon is depressed.
A close up of the ball mount, once again white paint is evident.  
The left hand side view, this type of mounting is known as a "gimbal" type. 
Here the protrusion in the roof can be seen clearly, also the mg mounting has now been removed. 
The hull mg mounting, at this stage everything is well and truly rusted in place but with the
 judicious application of heat and penetrating oil it will all be made workable once again. 
A close up of the mounting, once this is all sand blasted the finer details will become apparent. 
Looking into the ball mechanism, fortunately the layers of paint have protected
 the  nuts  and bolts to some extent and preserving most of it from rust. 
This is the bullet splash shield that surrounds the actual ball mount. This prevents
incomming rounds that will invariably seep through the tinest of openings
from literally splashing in the gunners face and wounding him. 
This is the lower locking lever used to hold the mg in a fixed position. 
In this overhead view the cutout in the roof can be seen, the wedge
shape is to allow the sideways movment of the magazine. 
Small details are also very important this bolt head is actually the breather outlet of the
reserve fuel tank, if you look carefully you will see a hole drilled in the side of the head.

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